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Welcome to the Forest Carriage Home Association!

The Forest is a great place to live. It is peaceful, beautiful and quiet here. Yet we are 5 minutes from shopping, restaurants, and other important sites.

The Association is a Home Owners Association (HOA) that is governed by the laws of the State of Indiana. We have an elected Board of Directors and operate under the documents that can be found on the page “Documents”.

Mission Statement
To maintain the appearance and property values in our neighborhood in a manner that is fiscally responsible and equitable across all homeowners, and secure the enjoyment and quality of life in our homes and property, all consistent with the guiding documents.

Currently the following services are provided to resident members:

  • Maintenance of Common Areas

  • Maintenance of homesite lawns

  • Pruning of Homesite shrubs

  • Mulching and weeding of Homesite beds

  • Snow removal and gutter cleaning

  • Routine maintenance of sprinkler systems

  • Painting of Cedar Homes

  • Painting of trim and doors of Stucco Homes

  • Repair of woodpecker holes

  • Maintenance of mailboxes and lamppost lights

  • Periodic removal of dead trees

Members pay dues quarterly for the services provided. Budgets are approved by members at an Annual Meeting in the fall. Refer to HOA documents for complete information.

Contact Us

Mailing Address:

The Forest Carriage Home Association, Inc.

PO Box 6685

South Bend, IN 46660-6685

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